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Faux Fur Painting

Original Owner: 
Faux Fur Painting
Faux Fur Painting
Faux Fur Painting
Faux Fur Painting
Faux Fur Painting

Rebecca's Story that came with the Faux Fur Painting:

I used to paint on fake fur back in the 80s when I lived in NYC. I had an art installation at a bar called "Downtown Beirut"( on the Lower East Side). I covered all the walls with paintings of famous architecture on shag fake fur. I covered the ceiling ( with Putti like an Italian church on lime green plush) bar stools,and I did art for the bathrooms ( which got slashed with a knife). The owners loved it so much they wanted it up for two months.

When I finally took down all the work it stunk to high heaven-reeked of booze and cigarette smoke. I had to air it out on the roof of my apartment building. This is one of the last survivors of this era. Its best cleaned with a Shop Vac.

I forced Rebecca to also answer the following "interview" questions:

Q: If your face fell off, what is the first thing you would do?
A: Get a new skinnier one.

Q: Why do you hate mosiacs now?
A: It makes my body hurt just thinking about it.

Q: Assuming the world is only 7 years old, explain to it how it was created.
A: A bunch of dead people thought they would play a practical joke on their living friends.

Q: Do you need two live ducks to go with your new house?
A: OMG sounds so cute.they could eat all the snails.

Q: Does Santa scare you?
A: Especially when he is in shorts in Hawaii

Q: Do elephants scare you?
A: No, I really like elephants a lot and would love to go to India to meet them , so if any one would like to sponsor me in this adventure of good will I would be so pleased!

Q: Well what does scare you then?
A: The haunted Trails I just went on scared me.

Q: How about hummus? Good, bad or indifferent?
A: Unfortunately, Im always dieting and my sister said if I ate hummus on rice crackers, I could eat 100 a day. Being I love eating I live on this snack and carrot sticks and apples and then I can eat as much as I want.