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Headless Gabriel

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Headless Gabriel - an item on bARTer Sauce

Rachel's Story About Headless Gabriel

I find that when I make dolls out of socks they come out a whole lot dumber than the other dolls I make. Perhaps it's because I fill their heads with less stuffing fluff so the socks don't stretch out too much. One particular doll of mine truly shines as far as stupidity.

After I sewed his eyes on, I placed Gabriel alongside the other sock dolls. He loooked around him and then at himself, and cried out in horror! He shrieked and flailed his stubby arms madly. I asked him what was wrong and he wailed, "They all have heads! They all have heads but ME! I can't see it! And...and...when I reach up to touch it I don't feel anything! I HAVE NO HEAD!!!!!"

I tried to reason with him but he was hysterical. So, I did the only thing I could think of...I sewed another head on next to his, one that he could see, just to make him feel better......or at least to stop the screaming.

Very smart solution you had

Very smart solution you had to stop Gabriel's screaming!