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"Honest Abe Has Sibelius" Shower Art Piece

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"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art
"Honest Abe has Sibelius" Shower Art

I am being forced, totally against my will, to bend the rules of bARTer Sauce.

Now, you all know how strictly I have adhered to ALL the Sauce rules in the past (1. You have to tell me a story. 2. I will never trade for an accordion.) but someone, somewhere out in cyberspace has pretty much given me no other choice.

Let me introduce you to Lynn.

"Everyone, this is Lynn."

"Lynn, this is everyone."

Okay, now, down to business. I met Lynn shortly after the Museum of Bad Art responded to my threatening emails about how I was going to stuff bARTer Sauce in a sack, tie it up and throw it in the Puget Sound unless they traded something with me. Well, of course, I am charming and loveable sometimes and the Museum of Bad Art decided to make me their #1 Myspace friend. Well, that involved unseating Lynn, their previous #1 Myspace friend. Uh-oh.

Shortly afterward I received a series of messages from Lynn outlining her plan to make MOBA jealous by replacing MOBA with me in her #1 friend slot (I just want to point out that her "husband" is in #2. She likes it when I put "husband" in quotes like I think he doesn't exist. He doesn't.). Well, I liked her style: crazy and semi-threatening and since she lives far away and cannot actually hurt me, I have kept in contact with her. She is for sure in the top five funniest people I've met through The Sauce.

She often sends me pictures of things that she would trade me if only I had things that she liked up for trade. Sigh. After about six months of this teasing, she found out that I make Shower Art and decided that she would like to make a trade, but only for Shower Art -- and a very specific Shower Art at that. Now this means that I, personally, have to trade with The Sauce in order to get the Shower Art in the rotation. I conceded, mainly because Lynn frightens me, even from a distance. So here is my trade item. A Shower Art commissioned by Lynn. Here are the items I was to include in the piece:

  1. Spam
  2. Yellow rubber duckies
  3. Circus peanut candy.
  4. Sibelius
  5. His favorite word is "obsequious"
  6. Red beads
  7. His favorite color is tangerine, although he'd never eat one
  8. Anything with batteries.
  9. Coffee

I have been working on this Shower Art for weeks now...and it's finally done. It's done. And now I just have to pick something out from The Sauce that I need. Or want. Hmmmmmmm....

You may notice from the pictures that I did not actually include items numbered 1 and 3. I could not find them. And did not look very hard at all. So, after clearing it with Lynn, I replaced them with an Abe Lincoln pencil topper (of course!)