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Jackelope Diorama

Jackelope Diorama

I found this one at Killorn "mark up" O'Neill's garage sale. I was really excited to find out that I'm not the only person in the world who makes DIORAMAS. That's right. I picked up a Jackelope diorama and some kind of matador with a picture of a seal behind him. They're a set. Unless someone only wants one. Then they are completely separate entities.

The wonderous Jackelope.

Say what you want, they were a buck each.

I also have to point out that yes, I know, I didn't trade for this item so technically it doesn't belong in The Sauce. But then I also have to point out that if Jason Who Ruined Christmas in 2003 would have actually sent me my Tok, Alaska Truck Stop sign like he said he was going to, I wouldn't be in this position at all, would I? No. So really, you can see that I had no other choice. And seriously, if I ever find out where Jason ended up, I'm posting his address on the internet and asking everyone to send him a Christmas card. Yeah, that'll get him!

So basically, let's all look the other way while I reinvigorate The Sauce with some marked up garage sale finds, shall we? Yes, we shall.