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Kelly's Shameful Cat Shaped Lawn Art

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Art Car
Cat Shaped Lawn Ornament
Cat Shaped Lawn Ornament

Okay, I love Kelly Lyles.

We all know that. She's been a huge supporter of bARTer Sauce from the beginning. And because of that, I decided to consider this trade offer - a cat shaped lawn ornament for the awesomest lamp ever made out of popsicle sticks and rhinestones.

Kelly's story that came with the Shameful Cat Shaped Lawn Art: 

It's after midnight, I stop being funny at 12. I can either get online tomorrow night at 11 pm to trade, or just go with the facts tonight.

My Bengal destroyed my last desk lamp, that one was supposed to look 'craftsman' to match my '20's house, but probably just made by some Jr. High student in wood shop 101. The kitten sent it flying. So what better way to replace than with a popsicle lamp? I have 2 other 'tramp art' works, so it would be comfortable in it's environs (that's always one of my goals, to ensure that inanimate objects feel relaxed in my home). Glancing at the other trades, Feline-themes seem to reappear. So how about an offer of this cheesy rocking cat thingee, it's metal (steel?), sort of Crescent moon shaped, maybe 2'x 2'. painted like a yellow tabby: no idea of the purpose, it's now in my yard keeping weeds at bay. It was a gift from my very wealthy aunt, but obviously a TJ Max find. I drive a leopard car so people feel, obliged to give me kitty-cat gifts. Wrong species. Then I have to put them out so the giver won't be offended (even though in this case she lives 2,000 miles away). Then they see the object(s) & think u like it, a vicious cycle... XX K

Okay, I know I've traded for worse. Way worse. But Kelly, this is pretty bad....sigh....