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Mature Crush - the "Eyes For Boobs" painting

Mature Crush aka Eyes For Boobs

A painting called "Mature Crush."

(or as I call it, "Hey, my eyes are up here...oh wait!") She has eyes on her boobs. It seems like that would be a waste of time unless you walked around naked all the time. Maybe once we started wearing clothes, the eyes on boobs gene was phased out because it no longer served any purpose.

Here's the story. Some details have been changed out of respect for the fact that I'm posting this personal story on the internet:

"At XXX years old I decided it was time to finally start chasing my dream. I had always loved art and photography, but really sucked at it. I looked into college, and finally decided to take the plunge.

During my second quarter this beautiful gal was in one of my classes, we would have chit chat here and there but that was about it.

During my third quarter, it was odd that we would share 3 of the same classes. She became pretty attached with me, but on a friendship level. Then out of the blue she tells me that her and her fiance are moving (yes bummer on the fiance), I asked where and about died, she was becoming my neighbor (now thats spooky). After she moved in, she was coming over on a daily basis it seemed for help with homework.

Winter quarter arrived and well you can guess it I was starting to fall for her a bit. I bit my tongue and never ever told her, I think my live in girlfriend would be mad at me for that. One night around christmas I had a dream about my classmate, we were just in a store buying groceries (yeah I know its a lame one). I kept thinking about this dream over and over and then said hell with it I am going to paint my feelings."