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Microwave Diorama Love Tester

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Microwave Diorama Love Tester
Microwave Diorama Love Tester
Microwave Diorama Love Tester

The idea to turn the microwave into a diorama changed the face of bARTer Sauce for all eternity (thank you Susan, thank you).

Here is the story as I lived it:

I've had an idea. I think it's a good idea. It will change the scope of Barter Sauce....and THE WORLD. Okay, maybe Seattle.

Well...Okay, maybe it will change 400 people in Seattle.

And maybe change is the wrong word. How about "entertain for a period not more than 20 minutes and not less than five." That's a good goal. The best part is that it's completely obtainable!

About 700 of you sent me this article yesterday:

It's an article about a guy who thought of my idea before I did and is trying to trade from a paperclip to a house. He just traded to a year of free rent in Phoenix.

So yesterday, I was a little down.

UNTIL! This woman named Kelly contacted me about trading the microwave diorama for one of her "Rodent" prints -- which I think are absolutely great. I've seen Kelly around Seattle -- or rather her art car -- which is painted Leopard print and has kitties on it. Check out Kelly's website if you want to look at the kitty car or the rodents:

Now for the idea! As I said I was a little down about the red paperclip guy. I was feeling unoriginal...which is rare for me. I needed my own slant. I needed a plan. I needed some buzz.

The Slant:

Barter Sauce will remain an experiement in trading. The only thing that will change is the type of item that I am trading. I want to trade for ART OR ODD OBJECTS. To be honest, having a paraglider in my apartment for a week, while cool, was still kind of a hassle. If I trade for ART OR ODD OBJECTS, I'll get to look at some weird or cool thing for a week or so. I can feel good about that. This does NOT mean that you have to be an artist to participate in Barter Sauce. Just make or find something odd. People will still be asked to write a story to submit with the object they are offering.


Now, if all goes as planned this will end in an art show sometime in January or February 2007 that includes all of the items I've traded for over the last year. I don't have a venue or a date or wine yet so don't ask for details. In fact, the first person to ask me for details gets to plan the whole damn thing.


Okay, this is where I need your help. And I know, it seems as though I'm asking you all for favors every week. But this time it's for real (it will be next time too....oh, and it was also for real all the other times as well). Please let your weird artist friends know about this project and send them a link to my blog. I would think you rule if you did that. If you know anyone who lives in Georgetown, I think they would be a prime candidate. If you know anyone who owns a velvet Elvis painting, tell them. If you know anyone who owns a large abandoned warehouse where we could host an art show, hit them over the head with a hammer and steal the paperwork.

The MICROWAVE DIORAMA is still going to start this off.

Yes, you heard me. The MICROWAVE DIORAMA is still going to start this off.