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Mirror of Holiday Death

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Mirror of Holiday Death
Mirror of Holiday Death
Mirror of Holiday Death

Jamie's story that came with Mirror of Holiday Death:

She just moved to Seattle and was about to tell us a sad story of bad people who keep track of favors, but then she changed her mind at the last minute. 

"I'm going to tell you a happy story instead."

She lived in Thailand for 5 months and worked in an elephant sanctuary. She turned 23 there. 

In Thailand they build a lot of things out of bamboo. But bamboo doesn't hold 32 elephants very well so she was always fixing something.

There was one special elephant that was the reincarnation of her best friend from a past life. He followed her around all the time. His name was Buh Pah and they had the same birthday

So, Jamie was building a fence.

Buh Pah came up behind her quietly (elephants can be surprisingly quiet according to Jamie) and wrapped his trunk around her waist and tosses her in the river and then storms in after her. He puts her up on his head and starts sqeaking and making kissing noises. 

The sign for the elephant to put his trunk around you and swing you is to put your arms up in the air and say "Upa Upa." Jame was doing this but one day Buh Pah wouldn't swing her into the water anymore. She kept trying to get him to swing her and finally some of the elephant trainers decided that if she wanted to get thrown in the water so much, they would help. So they snuck up behind her and tossed her in the river.

Buh Pah trumpets and goes nuts. He pulls her in to him and then throws the trainer down the river. Then, Buh Pah wraps his trunk around her and starts purring (elephants purr!). And he wouldn't let any of the trainers around her after that.

She took Buh Pah back to the stable and calmed him down. They were elephant/human soul mates.

According to Jamie, they are the most amazing creatures in the universe.

She heard that Buh Pah has since been moved to a trekking camp where he has to let fat American tourists ride him around all day. Jamie wants to find a way to make sure that the elephants have space and find a different mode of income for the people in the area.

If there are any animals left when she finished her PhD, she wants to open a sanctuary in Asia or Africa.