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Mona Didn't Need Bling

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Mona Didn't Need Bling Shadow Box

Staci's story about "Mona Didn't Need Bling":

Isn't it funny how some things just come together? Take my "Mona Didn't Need Bling" shadow box for instance.

I was working on some art for the Anti-Valentine's Day show and I had my "box of randomness" pulled out looking for something to finish off a piece... and I saw the Mona puzzle (bought mainly because the box wasn't in English) under the fake pearl necklace from a holiday party from two years ago and this spark just went off in my head.

So I started looking around in the box and in my apartment in general to see if I could find enough stuff to go in it. By the week's end I had come up with the big fake diamond (thank you Archie McPhee), a "condiment" bowl that I would never use as such to hold the pearls, the drawers and random "bling" to fill it including: the ring I found on the floor of Ikea (yeah I pick up random things), the ring left at my apartment after a drunken hook-up (also a random pick up :) ) and the one I got from a quarter machine when what I really wanted was the super ball. And after a ton of glue and some cool paper on the outside, my "masterpiece" was finished.

I hope whoever trades for it gives it a good home as some very interesting memories were put in it.