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Mondo Jubjub

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Mondo JubJub by Nicolas Caesar
Mondo JubJub by Nicolas Caesar
Mondo JubJub by Nicolas Caesar

This is Mondo JubJub! He sees and knows all!

Look at those hypno eyes! Many have tried to kill Mondo JubJub but have failed! His severed head floats on ready to grant wishes to grown men who like to pretend they're little boys.

Fear Mondo JubJub!

Respect Mondo JubJub!

Trade for Mondo JubJub! He commands it! 
Mondo JubJub! He can fit in a bowling bag! but not really cause he's 16x20
Jub Jub!

Nik's Story that Came with Mondo JubJub:
When I was a kid I was seriously into a comic called Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters. It was a parody of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle which itself was a parody. So a lot like Kevin Bacon it was spawn of a chain of spawns.

It was the first comic that really got me into drawing comics or at least believing I could. Mosquito and Spider are a direct result of ARBBH. Feeling nostalgic - I thought of doing a where are they now. It seems Don Chin the writer became a real estate agent, Parsonovich the artist became a boiler maker in SF, Catherine Yronwode runs which if you shorten to just Lucky Mojo it's a magic shop on par with Buffy The Vampire Slayers'. Even wilder Don Chin runs William Hung's website. Proof that real life is stranger than fiction.

My childhood heroes didn't disappoint. From underground comics to American Idol is quite a journey!