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Naval Officer Hats

Naval Officer Hat

Martine's story that came with the Naval Officer Hats:

I'll trade you three Naval officer hats. I found them a year-and-a-half ago at the recycling plant in Silverdale, which is on a small road off of Dickey called"Solid Waste." Sexy. My mother and I were recycling a bunch of cardboard when I noticed something behind one of the clothes drop-off bins. I went to check it out and found the caps, apparently someone was too lazy to just dump it in the bin. The clothing recycling bin was locked up, and it was about to rain so I took them home. My mother took a look at them and said that the brown one was for normal wear, the white one was a little more formal, and the white cap with the gold stitching on it was for super-formal affairs. I'm more interested in WWII stuff myself, so I just stored the caps until I found a use for them. On the inside of the plain white cap it says "Crowley" in poor handwriting, and each cap is 7 1/4 in size.

Awesome! Weird hats found on Solid Waste Road. Yes!