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Needlepoint Raccoons in Their Most Natural Habitat of Avacado Green

Original Owner: 
Needlepoint Raccoons in Their Most Natural Habitat of Avacado Green

Temple says:

I propose a trade of one hip hipster item for a box of future madness...Time Machine parts needed to help me become the ultimate steampunk poser in the future.

One day while digging through the discarded canvases at my favorite thirft store with Nicolas Caesar, the Indiana Jones of thrifting, I found this. Who can resist a 16 x 20 needle point of raccoons in the wild on an avacado green background that so simulates their natural surroundings?

The last barter landed me with this awesome sketchbook.

Which turned into ... two pieces of art based on the found images inside....

Who knows what will happen with a box of time machine parts...

Temple sent me a memory of her most recent dream:

In the latest night-time drama, I was riding a motorcycle. Windswept hair, fearlessness, popping wheelies left and right all over Berkeley, California.

I was hell on wheels. It was the first time I'd ridden, but my lack of experience didn't stop me from daredevil tricks like stalling the bike to whip around corners in an almost Tokyo drift style.

Later in the dream, I got a large, cruiser bike and picked up Nik for our typical dollar store run. He had his own helmet. I went without, risking popping my brains out onto the sidewalk without a bucket should we spill.