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Old Man Murder (Plug It In)

Original Owner: 
Plug It In/Old Man Murder

Sean's story submitted with Old Man Murder (a.k.a. Plug It In):

Here we go for a third offer [Note from Rosalie: Sean has submitted this painting as a trade offer for two other items, where, as much as I wanted to, I just couldn't trade him -- this time, he's in luck.] Who knows, maybe it'll stick this time. I swear that Rosalie just likes to taunt me...

Below is the same recycled story...

During my freshman year of the fine institution we call college I was involved in a painting entry-level course. One of the assignments was to make an un-stretched canvas piece based on a news event in that week’s paper. The painting had to be "expressive" and show emotion, as well as having text and symbols that represented the story. Most people at the time bantered about the whole immigration and illegal aliens biz-nazz. I instead found a lovely gem of an article about an old man from California who flew out to Massachusetts and murdered a woman and then rented out a storage unit in my home and current town of residence. He then "stored" the dead woman in the freezer and left to never return. However, he forgot one crucial rule when dealing in body freezer storage ... you guessed it, to plug the damn thing in! Long story short, it reeked like hell of course in the end of the summer so they opened up the unit and found the body, did their detective magic and found the guy.

In this painting I show the man who was doing the killing, the freezer that was doing the storing and the catch phase he should have been thinking, "Plug it in, plug it in". Hell if he had even plugged a glade air freshener in that would have bought him a little more freedom.

Also of note is that I do NOT work expressively, so this piece was painful for me to create. I am ready to part with this behemoth of a thing.