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Owl Man

Original Owner: 
Owl Man: Before he got smashed
Owl Man - Post Surgery. Pretty good.
Owl Man - Post Surgery. Pretty good.

Regina's Story that Came with Owl Man: 

It was a particularly dreary winter in the South West of England when a cold lump of clay decided it wanted to become something more than just . . . well, a lump of clay. It had grown tired of sitting in the dark, wet plastic bin with the rest of the lumps that had been used and reused, never to become something important. Some had managed to become ashtrays, while others were twisted and rolled and beaten by wicked children with nothing better to do, only to be soaked in water and tossed back in the barrel. "Not me!" cried this lump as he waited rather impatiently for an opportunity to make his big break.

One day it happened. The lid was removed, light shone in, and two pale hands reached down towards him! He leapt at them, knocking over a small rounded lump that had seen better days. It was finally his time. The artist had muttered something to another artist about letting the clay tell her what it wanted to be. Oh, the joy! He could choose his fate! As she shoved him onto a cloth and began rolling him flat, visions raced in his mind. He heard a bird outside the window and saw it fly away. How marvelous! Birds are so free, he thought. And beautiful. But then he got to thinking about how much work they have to put into finding food. No, perhaps a bird was be too ambitious. Just then he overheard the artists discussing classic movies. Would he be a handsome man? Like a classic film star! Yes, maybe he would be suave and debonair. He pictured it himself posing for the cameras with just a hint of movie make-up. Everyone would adore him and cater to his every whim! Yes, that was for him.

But wait! What's this? I'm going onto the drying rack? Poor lump of clay had lost track of time! What have I done, he thought, his expression frozen in confusion. If only he had made up his mind quicker. And into the kiln he went, forever wondering if he would find happiness as half owl, half man.