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Original Owner: 
Wonky Woman

We all remember Lynn, correct?

Lynn, you remember everyone?


Okay, I may have tried to lead you all to beieve that I was afraid of Lynn. That she had threatened me in order to get me to trade her some Shower Art. Now, I must admit, it not completely true. Well, not all of it is true. You see, I am afraid of Lynn. For sure. No doubt. But not because she threatens me. No.

Because I think she might be funnier than me.


And yes, I think she is.

Or could be. If she put her mind to it. I mean, look what she did with Paris Hilton.

She is, and always will be, a complete and utter genius.

Lynn's story about her very sparkly painting:

I really didn't threaten Rosalie. She only wants you to think that because she doesn't want anyone to realize the value of my trade item.

It has plastic jewels. Lots of them. They are REAL plastic jewels.

It has glitter.

It has glow in the dark wobbly eyes.

It has everything.

It's called Parisite. I took a Klimt painting and did a knock off with some woman in place of his. The klimt sold for 131 million. I'd normally ask 131 million, or best offer, but the Abe Lincoln shower art IS the best offer. So, if you wanna trade, I'm in.

This painting is the real reason Rosalie was moved to make us waterproof Shower Art.

Does anyone really believe that girl would quiver in terror and work endless hours in some cold, dark studio out of FEAR? I think not. The motivation here was pure lust for sparkly objects, namely my painting. This fine piece is a knock off of the famous Klimt painting, Portrait of Adele Somebody or Other." I substituted another glittery person's face in mine.

This piece is exceptionally sparkly. It has huge authentic plastic jewels, globs of glitter, glow in the dark wobbly eyes, checkered foil candy wrappers. It has it all. I spent many hours crafting this. I singlehandedly glued every piece lovingly on, and painted the face and dog in oil paint. I singlehandedly ate all the chocolate too, to get the checkered foil. This is a work worthy of the Sauce. I offer you this painting for your very own because I love the Shower Art. So does my "husband."