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Picture of Amber

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Rosalie Hates K...
A Picture of Amber
A Picture of Amber (remixed by Nik)

Rhiannon is my lovely friend who gave me this faux fossil and a picture she drew of her friend Amber months ago as a donation to bARTer Sauce.

She told me that she wanted Stone Face

But this was back when she and her husband Blaine had plans to build a pond-type thing in their back yard. Then the city did some thing that rhymes with easement (or maybe actually is easement) and they bought part of the land that the pond-type thing would be on. Or something like that. So they could not build it. And Rhiannon's husband Blaine had already read some book about building pond-type things and had made a bunch of drawings of what the pond-type thing would look like when he was finished.

But then the easement thing happened and they couldn't build it anymore.

And they were sad.

For some reason I thought that meant Rhiannon would probably not want the big stone face thing around to remind her and Blaine about the pond that the city took away. I was wrong.

I was very wrong.

And to punish me, this is the all Rhiannon had to say about her drawing of Amber:

"I will trade you a picture I made of my friend Amber and a fake fossil for stone face. Here are the stories...

I drew the picture of Amber. I'm not a artist, but that is what she looks like. The end.

Gimme the stoneface, please."