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Saint Adolph Wolfli

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Rahr. I am evil. I eat your face. And your soul. Noms.
NOM NOM NOM! I am cute like LOL cat!

Terri's story about Saint Adolph Wolfli: 

He begged me to create him. Even as I made him, I knew he was wretched in every way possible . . . I don't even remember how I found him . . . heard of him . . .

Adolf Wolfli was a Swiss artist who was mentally ill.  He had been abused as a child and was also accused of molesting young girls when he became older.  When he was institutionalized for his mental instability, he began to draw and paint . . . and he made these intricate, beautiful works of art . . .  He carried around a paper trumpet and wrote elaborate musical compositions that he would play on it.  Just wickedly crazy, beautiful . . . and when I learned about him, he beckoned me to paint him from the other side . . .

I tried to show his sickness, his brilliance, his eccentricity, and his saintliness in this multimedia painting.  But now that I've made him and had those eyes haunt me for a while, I feel like he belongs somewhere else as a reminder that not everyone is wholly bad . . . That there is good and beauty even in the most despicable . . .

I liked him, then I read your

I liked him, then I read your story and now I'm kinda sorta scared of him.

There's some people I really dislike and it scares me to think there might be good and beauty inside of them :(

Aw!  Hope I didn't scare

Aw!  Hope I didn't scare you.  I agree- some people are downright awful . . . But perhaps I should say that there was good and beauty inside THIS despicable man.

If you do some research on this particular person, you will find that he is the Big Poppa of Brut/Outsider Art.  His artwork truly is amazing- extremely intricate and highly detailed, and although his life is extremely sad- frought with abuse both on the giving and receiving end, this amazing surge of creativity rose from it.    I both love and hate him.  I think most people might feel the same way if they knew of his story.

I hadn't heard of him before

I hadn't heard of him before but have been checking him out and he is fascinating!