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Space Aliens in Ship

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Space Aliens in Ship
Space Aliens in Ship

Rebecca's Story Submitted with Space Aliens in Ship:

There is proof they are here! This tiny baby space creature was found in the yard by my dogs. I heard them barking early one morning and went out side to investigate. We have surmised that this 15" aircraft has traveled thousand of miles to get to Seattle.......

strangely enough, there is a device for hanging this on the wall. The glitter hair and interior of the space cove suggests an alien society attracted to bright shiny objects.

My Follow Up Questions:

Q. How did you ever wrestle this creature away from your dog?
A. My dogs were curious yet afraid- i had a butterfly net and i scooped up the tiny ship and carried it to a safe place where I could inspect it.

Q. Did he sustain many injuries?
A. The craft seems very sturdy.I was even wondering if it had made a stop in South America before landing here.

Q. Did he have to live in a cardboard box for awhile like an injured bird?
A. We were wary-what if the space particles were toxic? I did not want my dogs getting sick! We used canned air for the computer and cleaned it off -we figured that the cold from that pressurized aiir would kill anything harmful.