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Steam Powered Top Hat to Increase Your Thinking Power

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Steampunk Hat
Steampunk Hat

Gary's Story that Came with the Steampowered Top Hat to Increase Your Thinking Power:

I was attending a Steampunk costume party, and wanted to make a vintage thinking cap. Since electricity was new back then, I thought that instead of a light bulb, it would have a steam engine. After several attempts at making something I came upon the idea of putting the engine inside the hat, instead of on top.

So here is one hat to give you a steam powered brain and increase your creativity and productivity. Toss a stick of incense into the smoke stack and set up fire alarms.

Monocle not included, but it made the photo look much better.

I want the monacle too.

For reals. I do. Both. You should never have showed me both.