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A Steampunk Box to Put Things In

Original Owner: 
Steampunk?  Yes?  No.  Rats!

Stacy's Story about the SteamPunk Box to Put Things In:

This is the first "steampunk/cyberpunk" thing I've made... I was going for a steampunk look, but then a couple people noticed that I'd included chips and electronic parts on it - and told me that it was NOT steampunk (with a sniff).

So - I'm offering it up, it's *almost* done, I just want to add a few more things.

It's a cute little box, but does have some pointy bits, so whoever gets it next will next to be a little careful.

Note from Rosalie:

I've asked Stacy to tell me the history of Steampunk. Where the heck did it come from? How come I started hearing about it a few days ago and now it's a constant part of my life and apparently bARTer Sauce now. I'll fill you all in when she gets back to me.

Stacy's Research about Steampunk:

I think it orginated with H.G. Wells and Jules Verne and even Mary Shelly as a genre of science fiction novel - the "science that never was". It's sort of Victorian, and machinery and things like that are supposed to be run by steam power. There was an upswing in that style of writing in the 80s and 90s. It didn't appear out of nowhere, but it's sort of like the 100th monkey phenomenon.

What makes something steampunk is kind of hard to nail down - but it seems to center around the Victorian era, and advanced scientific things that weren't available at that time, especially using brass, wood, leather - imagine if the computer had been invented 125 years ago - what would that have looked like?

Apparently, things that make something NOT steampunk are computer chips, resistors, capacitors, plastic, and synthetic materials.

There's a great page on Wikipedia about it, including an image of a computer re-made into that style that just makes me drool.