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Stone Face

Original Owner: 
Stone WIth a Face Carved Into It

Jeromy found out about bARTer Sauce on and sent me a trade offer.

"How lucky I am to have found out about your great idea.

I am Jeromy, I have a few cool and slightly rejected things. One to trade for the strange inside the wall painting thing, (he's talking about this painting that was found inside a wall of a house during construction) and the other to offer up for trade. A stone face I made out of stone with a hand axe, and the wire of two faces that I made of,...well I made it of wire of course.

I will be waiting for your response after your bath. (he's referring to my craigslist ad where I tell people to submit their offer and then take a long, hot bath while they wait for my response...he got it backwards, but that's okay. I like baths.)

I made the stone face, actually there are three stone faces. One, Obasan - the grandmother stone. The second, Gringolian who chases away bad rabits, and Sumo Baby - whom protects the Koi. I will give up the Gringolian but show you all three.

I don't ever really know why I make something, things call me to start on them, and I try to create a feeling rather than a picture or carving or a creation.

Most people report that after they acquire something I make, that they get to understand the object after awhile.

That is when I know I have done it right.

The wire or two faces, is BAD energy from both laughter and woe, I keep it outside. I wouldn be too fond of keeping it near something I liked. Its not incredible gorgeous or plain ugly, its not even that amusing or terrific, but it does seam to contain a shit load of bad karma. You have been warned."

Oh Great! One of them has bad Karma. Great. Well, I have a cat named Karma. Does that do anything. No. Crap.