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Super Stripey Pig

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Super Stripey Pig
Super Stripey Pig

Nik's Story that came with Super Stripey Pig:

If a painting lasts for too long around me, is about a year old or I somehow feel it's unloved I paint over it. This has happened to some paintings up to 17 times. I'm hoping one day in the future they X-ray one of them to find 16 terrible paintings underneath. It would be great, like the split horse from The Cell.

Since that's kind of more of a fact than a story, here's another - I was really upset to find that you can't bury anyone unless they're treated with formaldahyde. I really think it's to prevent the dead from rising. It totally ruins all my return from the dead revenge fantasies. I mean I can still haunt people but I can't ruin their carpets, you know what I mean? So instead I'm going to donate my organs to science and work on that slow possession bit. I really think you can be immortal if you just keep body hopping through people's organs. Better than being just one zombie - you're all types of people, it's like having drones. They die, your organs get harvested into more people and then you have pals you make along the way.

Death is weird.