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Technocolor Chicken

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Technocolor Chicken
Technocolor Chicken
Technocolor Chicken

Nik's Story that came with Technicolor Chicken:

When I was working on Clocktower, the movie, a friend told me about the super secretism of Alice filming next door. They were so secretive that every time Johnny Depp would leave to make a call or have a smoke (not even in costume) - there would me these guys chasing him holding curtains (to make him invisible?), anyways Johnny would try to run away from them I pictured it like a game of Pac Man without the dots in a Hollywood lot.

i do not want or need this chicken

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because it does not, in fact, sing or otherwise produce 'techno' music. 'techno' as you call it, is only one of a wide array of terms used to describe music made by electronic instruments. i happen to love electronics and their soundings. i know you feel sad now. but dont. feeling sad doesnt help things. p.s. i miss you. also, i may be having a show of my electronica when i come to town in june.

I know this is you Aziza

I know it is. Even though you tried to disguise yourself with your fancy alternate email address. I know it's you.