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Terror for Terror!

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Needlesharp Teeth Terror

Nik's Story that I DRAGGED out of him to go with the Terror for Terror trade:

We have a show in the Bay Area called Creepy Kofy Movie Time. They show bad movies from the 50's, 60's and 70's, it's a late night horror show hosted by Balrok and No Name. I've been on TV before and most places either have sandwiches, fried chicken, finger foods, etc - Creepy Kofy has a keg. Actually a kegerator (a fridge specially designed for kegs!)

During the show, we're having fun, drinking, drinking some more, watching the taping, drinking, drinking again. At this point I need to mention I haven't eaten anything. They had cakes and cookies before and I was prepared to make a meal out of them but in their absence I told myself "Beer has calories, I'll keep drinking and I'll be full!". Not the best logic, but I had been drinking.

Now I need to mention that they film several shows all on the same day. They aren't all necessarily in order - so watching the show I go from totally alert and together - then trashed - then to kind of tipsy. Completely mixed up. That Monday I got an email from No Name saying "I have to say it! Thanks for making me look sober!".

So I feel like I arrived, not in the rich and famous sense but - when I was a kid I grew up watching Twilight Zone Marathons on KOFY. They had an open bar there too and part of what I loved about it was watching the hosts slowly get more and more loosey goosey as the marathon went on. They no longer have the Sleazy Arms set but with Balrok and No Name - I felt like I finally became part of that rich history.

This experience was far better than when I was on The Ghoul show in Cleveland, in a cow costume and was violently milked on the air.