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Time Machine Parts (Motors, Relays and a Zombie Killing Device)

Original Owner: 
Time Machine Parts
Time Machine Parts
Time Machine Parts
Time Machine Parts

Patrick's Story about the Time Machine Parts:

I have two boxes of industrial relays and motors and other gizmos from my failed time machine. (The machine actually worked, but I was counting on a "Back To The Future" effect and instead arrived via the "Terminator" effect. Needless to say, I was ill-prepared for world domination being bare-assed naked). They are worth quite a bit and may be usefull in some sort of mechanized display. Or you could use them for a time machine again, but beware the Terminator effect.

I also could be persuded to trade a "pill painting".

Thanks, cheers!

Patrick's Answers to My Stupid Questions:

Q. Are we going to trade in person or through the mail?

A. In person. UPS sucks.

Q. When was the last time you fell down and what happened?

A. Fell of crutches while recovering from falling off my motorcycle. I swore loudly and repeatedly until I felt better.

Q. How many tattoos do you have?

A. Too many to count and enough to make my mommy cry.

Q. Of what?

A. Symbols, crop circles, aliens, bio-mechanical stuff, card suits, pin up girl, faces, gargoyle, eagle, too much to remember them all.

Q. What was the first one you got and why?

A. I got a really lame Chinese dragon in the 80's that has since been covered up. I got it because I had just turned 18 and thought it was the thing to do.

Q. Did you steal the relays and motor things?

A. No

Q. No really, where did you steal them from?

A. They were leftover from a project at work.

Q. Do you want to give me $18,500 so I can buy a social networking group relating to Indie crafts?

A. Only if you give me $18,500 for a motorcycle.

Q. Can you believe I just asked you that?

A.'d be surprised what people ask.

Q. Tell me about the 30 paintings in 60 days thing -- personal challenge or show theme?

A. It was a show theme at Swerve on 1st and Pine

Q. Do you high five?

A. Sometimes.

End of Interview