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Tiny Head

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Tiny Head

Note from bARTer Sauce:

I must preface this entry by saying that I recently threatened Nik and told him he better submit some super good stories with his trade offers. I think I may have insulted him as he created two stories -- or one story in two parts -- the last titled, "Eat Me." Nik, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that your previous stories sucked and that you didn't put forth much effort in that area. I do feel truely awful about that.


Maybe we better just get on with the story:

Nik's story that came with Tiny Head:

Part one: Genesis

It was a dark and stormy night. Cold hands clenched my heavy brow. They were my own, holding in the tradgic and swirling chaos fighting it out in my head, "What would I say? What would I tell her?" Hours passed and my brain felt the tightening squeeze of creative bondage. Nothing was escaping. Not a fresh idea or glimmering antidote. I struggled fervently. With drink. As I watched the rough sea of Sapporo raise and crash against the amber walls that contained it's fury - I couldn't help but remember when I was a boy, pulling in crab nets with my father. I was innocent, happy, carefree. Those were the Santa Cruz Pier days. A different time full of wonder - and crabs.

Now I'm cold, brooding, locked in my sadness and melancholy. My soul is a shattered nest of crustations cannibalizing itself for what? To be the great and grim sideshow to the anonymous masses of seagulls to pick, tear and rip apart. And just then I thought of the title "Eat Me".

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