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Tiny Landscape Painted on a Pill

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Landscape Painted on a Pill

Patrick traded me a box of time machine parts along with this tiny, landscape painted on a pill.

Read Patrick's story about the Time Machine Parts.

Instead of making him tell me two stories with his trade, I just forced him to answer a series of my inane "interview questions."

Q. How the hell do you paint on pills?

A. I use a very small brush I made from the leg hairs of a fly I caught. (That's BS, but it sounds cool). I use a size zero brush and very little paint.

Q. Why did you start painting?

A. I saw Bob Ross painting on PBS when I was a kid and thought "that looks easy"...It wasn't...

Q. What inspires you to get things done.

A. Pretty much the only reason I do anything at work is to keep people from yelling at me.