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Original Owner: 
"Transition" By Octavian Starr

Octavian traded me this painting called "Transition" on First Thursday 12/6.

1/2/08 Update: No story yet. Public humiliation to come in form of unflattering pictures sent out in e-newsletter. Teehee

2/21/08 Update: Still nothing. Have seen Octavian many times since he promised this story. Now he seems excited by the threat of me putting a mustache on him and sending out his picture in my e-newsletter. Jerk. I may never get this story.

3/26/08 Update: I was at an art show and recognized some of Octavian's work. They had posted his phone number and email address next to the painting and I happened to have a pen handy. I think my newsletter this month caught his attention (especially the airing of grievances section with a picture of him with a mustache and the word "JERK" and an arrow pointing to him) because he finally sent me the story!

Octavian's story:
This piece 'Transition' took me over 6 years to complete, and that's why I named it such. It is a representation of those six years, some of them I worked on it for hours, some many weeks. It was a very nice end to the process of this work to trade it with bARTer sauce. I believe that I would have worked on it forever but It needed to be finished. I thank bARTer Sauce (and most especially Rosalie) for this opportunity to end this part of my artistic life and move on to the next.
~Octavian Starr