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Two-faced Jane

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Two Face Jane
Two Face Jane

Rachael's Offer for the Brain Scan:

My offer is a ragdoll of sorts. She's kinda purple-ish, a little less than a foot long including dangly dress-bit, and has one button eye. I made her myself but I did it while in the grips of a jag of insomnia and I don't know what I was thinking.

Please be tempted, she's really starting to weird me out...

Rachael's Worst Nightmare:

Theres not much to it but I felt horrid when I woke up.

I'm walking in a field with my best friend and it's Autumn. Somewhere along the way I start to notice extremely old and weather-worn gravestones poking out of the straggly grass. As we walk, the amount of stones increases rapidly until I can no longer see where they end. All at once, the world around me takes on a grayish tone, not black-and-white but just not as vibrant as real life.

In the background of everything is the sound of a far-off sucking wind but nothing waves and nothing blows. I've forgotten who I am here with, I am suddenly alone and the clouds begin to twirl. A tornado pulls down from the sky like slate colored cotton candy. And another. And another. Coming from all directions, the tornadoes have left me no way out and all I can do is stare at the sky as it begins to tear.

A black hole pulls hard and inhales the world, shoveling it into its mouth with electric red tentacles of fog.

I freakin' love this sort of

I freakin' love this sort of thing. I shall be keeping an eye out for other such goodies on offer...beware of the crap I shall be offering! mwahahahahaha