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Two Headed Boy

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Two Headed Boy by Nicolas Caesar

Nik traded me a long time ago for a drawing of Angry Naked Man.

Then, his friend Temple, traded me for some Time Machine Parts. They made the unprescendented move of trading those items with each now Nik owns the Time Machine Parts and Temple owns Angry Naked Man. Genius. It just keeps going and going.

Nik turned the Time Machine Parts into weird bugs. You can see them on his Sculpture Gallery page on

Meanwhile, Temple has threatened to give Angry Naked man a hammer and a viking helmet. And by threatened I mean...she's doing it.

I love them both.

I will however submit that this is not the best "story" ever as I had to develop many of the characters much further than when it was sent in it's original form.

Nik's "story":

"If you check out my sculpture gallery you can see I've used almost all the time machine parts from Temple's trade with you. I traded her angry naked man for them. She's going to give him a viking helmet and hammer."

Way to make me work Nik, way to make me work. Are you, by any chance, getting me back for making you write your own interview questions and then answer them?

If so, I submit that is a fair trade.