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Undead Mosaic Clown Painting

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Undead Mosaic Clown Painting
Undead Mosaic Clown Painting
Undead Mosaic Clown Painting
Undead Mosaic Clown Painting

Nik's story that came with the Undead Mosaic Clown Painting:

I used to be a clepto. I stole anything and everything. I even fit a giant stuffed monkey up my sleeve once. It got so bad I'd walk out of stores clicking and clanking with half the store. I never got caught and sometimes I was outright sloppy.

Then one day I was with friends at Bullwinkles (a Bullwinkle themed Chuck E Cheese really), and I was about to steal this 6 inch Rocky stuffed squirrel when I saw the security guy watch me through the heat lamps on the other side of the counter. I thought "Eh, whatever" and put it back. As we left he stopped me and asked to check my pockets. I emptied them and had absolutely NOTHING. It had been the only day I had never stolen anything in some time. He grunted and muttured "well, you looked kind of suspicious".

We walked outside, I was laughing hysterically inside my head. I just figured my "Get out of jail free" cards were up. As we were walking my friend turned to me and said "Look at all this crap I stole!". I smiled and haven't stolen anything since. "Scavenged" however, yes.

this makes me happy...

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but I know that if I traded for it and won and hung it up...I would never be able to sleep in my room again...

Teehee! You needs your shut

Teehee! You needs your shut eye -- no Undead Mosiac Clown Paintings for you!