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Vintage Farting Duck with Wheels

Original Owner: 
Vintage Farting Duck
Vintage Farting Duck
Vintage Farting Duck
Vintage Farting Duck
Vintage Farting Duck
Vintage Farting Duck (before painting)

Nik's stories that came with the vintage farting duck:

His first bike:

My first bike was ruined. I was riding it near a creek by my house with a friend. I put the kickstand down and it didn't dig enough in the dirt. I tried to stop but the bike kept going down the hill, picking up speed, until I and the bike crashed into the rocky creek below. My bike was twisted and I had bloody legs. I remember being happy soaking wet, bruised and battered, walking this wreck of a bike home because I imagined it 9 kinds of worse on the way going down.

The first picture he can remember drawing:

I drew a lot of dinosaurs. I wish I still had them. They were crude and charming. Like in Basquiat where Christopher Walken says "It looks like a chicken", referring to Basquiat's flea. My dinosaurs looked like chicken-fleas only with four legs.

Nik on Easter Egg hunts:

I hated easter egg hunts. I would step on half the ones I was looking for.

Nik's wife's reaction to the Evil-Looking Doll Lamp that I sent Nik:

My wife, who is used to the weird stuff I bring home told me "That can't stay here!". She rarely objects to some of the wilder items but that lamp just creeped her out. I emailed Bastet2329 who makes creepy dolls - thinking it would be a match and she replied "I've had a bad experience with those", so I tried everywhere to find her a home and then Temple said "Oh! I want her!" and there she went.

On the Vintage Farting Tattoed Duck:

It's made by Marx toys. You squeeze it and it makes duck or fart noises. It's as tall as 2 Smurfs or 6 apples