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Tiny Wedding

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Tiny Wedding Puzzle Painting
Tiny Wedding Puzzle Painting

Theresa's Story that came with Tiny Wedding:

I did these miniature paintings, though I'm not quite sure why.  Maybe I thought it was the aesthetic that could sell.

I had an experience yesterday on Etsy that was so awesomely bad.  Another wedding portrait I listed as a customized item was viewed 1650 times in one day.  And absolutely no one loved it.  No one even LIKED it.  I did a whole analysis, looking at other portraits that were listed.  I by far had the most views, and unfortunately, the least amount of "hearts".  Was it because I included the photo of the subjects- the newly married couple?  Was it because my depiction was that much off the mark?  Is it because it looks like I painted it on gold lame', which is arguably much worse than black velvet. 

At first I was discouraged.  Mortified.  Nearly 2000 people saw my work and did not like it.  But this morning, I figured I could turn it into a positive experience, relist the wedding portrait (I deleted it in my embarassment), and brazenly solicit feedback.  So far, I haven't gotten any.  Maybe 10 people bothered to look again.

This little collection is definitely cute and of a wedding theme.  I'm almost tempted to destroy them since no one really likes them nor wants them.  On the other hand, they are quite playful.  Cute is apparently in, according to Vanity Fair.  I'm trying to do cute, but I'm to much of a quirky painter to succeed.

Wanna' save them? 
I already painted over the canvas of the man's torso . . . 
Save them before I paint over all of them.

I know how you feel.  I've

I know how you feel.  I've learned the hard way that it's very disheartening to ask for opinions about your work.  I usually get that confused dog look when I show people some of the things I've done? 
I like the wedding couple.  I like the playfulness of being able to move them around, the simplicity, the colors you used. 
I think as far as art goes, it just hasn't found it's home yet!