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Woman Feeding Horse

Original Owner: 
Rosalie Hates K...
Woman Feeding Horse

Rhiannon's Story about Woman Feeding Horse:

I bought this at an art show in college for fifty dollars. It priced at $450.00. The artist was dating a friend of mine, so he sold to me for very cheap... probably less than the cost of the materials it took to create. The painting is mounted and ready to hang. It is of a chick with her boobies hanging out, I think she's knocked up. There is a church in the background.

At the time I bought this I had just visited a shaman (seriously). The shaman told me that my spirit guide on this path in my life wanted me to refer to it as the Virgin Mary (seriously). Three weeks later, in October of 1999, I bought this painting. On the back of the painting the artist wrote "to the Virgin Mary, Merry Christmas". It was creepy at the time.

I think the painting is of a girl the artist was cheating on my friend with. He cheated on her alot. Her body would try to tell her he was up to no good before he would. Everytime he cheated on her she would get a bad case of strep throat and her tonsils would swell up like easter eggs. It was an odd time in my life.

Now, I moved the painting around with me for almost ten years and I'm ready to let someone else enjoy it's odd, creepy wonder.

PS. I am the best trader ever