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2 Naked Gay Men - One's messy, the other is neat! One has a mustache and the other can't see!

bARTer Sauce Trade Offer

Better than a story, Rosalie left a receipt in one of the bags she used as packing from our last trade! Rosalie has asked me everything under the sun! There's nothing more to me! so today you're going to learn about Rosalie! What does Rosalie buy:

Metropolitanmarket (Where Superman shops!)
100 Mercer Street, Seattle, WA 98109
Paul Marth is your uptown Store Director (He puts the 'R' in math!)

Same Local Ownership Since 1971 (He resides in the attic and eats fish heads)

Your cashier today is: Sivonn P. (If you're friends with P then you're friends with me!)

Burt's Shampoo (Now how is Burt going to wash his hair? )
Organic French Ble (Bottled Blehs from France)
Fresh Pineapple (You cheeky pineapple!)
D'Anjou Pears (What the crap are you buying???)
Greek Gods Yogurt (Made from Krakken squeezins!)
Large Mass Avacado (Because size matters with.... Avacados?)
Organic Bananas (As oppossed to those wax ones you bit into at your grandmother's house)
Organic Wheat Gras (The Mardi Gras of wheat!)
Green Works Wipes (What are you wiping that's green?)
Satsumas (Satsuma to you too!)
Bunch Orange Carro (I want this to end in Carrot Top)
Charmin Big Roll (for those big poops!)
Org Bunch Cilantro (Like the Wild Bunch, if they were plants)
Caprese Salad (I'm guessing tastes better than tossed salad?)
Yogi Ginger Tea (Yogi the Bear's Redheaded Step Child)
Artesian Water (Art water or just what people use to rinse their brushes)
Cottage Cheese (I would live in cheese if I could)
Burts Conditioner (I imagine this to be an evil robot that can help people stop smoking)
Crest Liq GL (Liquor flavored toothpaste? Yes!)
Tylenol Ex Strengt (For having to put up with me)
Low Salt Turkey (How low can you go?)
Smoked Turkey (Speaks for itself)
Honeycrisp Apples (I prefer Sugarcrisps)

12/27/09 02:39pm (For you time machine buffs)

P.S. These originally came

P.S. These originally came from Will so it's a Nik/Will trade!