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25 Door plates

bARTer Sauce Trade Offer

I am playing bigger or better as a project for school. I had a collection of flat round things (pennies, washers, anything I could lift) and I traded them for a bunch of door plates. It wasn't my choice. If you have anything bigger and/or better than what I have, I'll trade you! I'll post photos of the plates soon too.

 I just might take you up on

 I just might take you up on that but I'll need to know what a door plate is -- I'm holding out for a picture. 

Now, you just need to tell me a story and post pictures and we'll work out the details. 

I'll post some pictures by

I'll post some pictures by tomorrow! As for the story? Make one up? I'll think of something...

 Yeah, it can be a true story

 Yeah, it can be a true story or a made up one - whichever you want.

Story now, photos

Story now, photos tomorrow!
So I'm sitting in sculpture, looking out on the water and I think to myself "Jesus Christ, I don't need all this stoopid shit I've been collecting". You see, for the last 12 months I have been collecting flat round things.. anything, pennies, I lifted a sign off the curb the other night because it was a disk shape. I decided if I was going to toss all this shit (because I really wasn't doing anything with it) I should at least do it in an artist fashion (like I said, sculpture... art school....) So, I talked to my prof. He didn't really like the idea of me lighting them on fire, or dumping them in the harbour, so I had to come up with something slightly more creative. Give them away? Sure! I didn't want to have a big ceremony or anything and one of my buds said he'd help out. I had everything stashed in an old samsonite case... it was beautiful. He said one day (I wasn't supposed to know when) he would trade them all for something he thought was bigger and better than what I have. OOOoook! So the weekend passed and I came into sculpture to find my collection gone... replaced with about 25 door plates... you know, that fancy little plate that fits between the door and the knob? Sometimes they have spots for keyholes. Anyways my bud collects tons of junk so I'm guessing this is just the shit he didn't want. I'm sure I could do something nice with them, but I'd really like to keep the bigger/better game going. It's all a bunch of shit right now, but maybe I can get something nice!
Anyways, that's my story. I'm writing down all the trades I make in my sketchbook (all of one as of now) It's the only documentation I'll present for the piece (that and the final object at the end of the semester).
There ya go! f-oh-toes tomorrow! = )

 Yes, let's do it. I can give

 Yes, let's do it. I can give you the Boobs over My Hammy picture for them -- it's light and easy to ship. Do you think that will be bigger and better than what you have? 

Anything is bigger and better

Anything is bigger and better at this point. Can you please email me your mailing address - Thanks for trading btw! This totally helps me out!