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3 Coke bottles & 2 beer glasses

What I Want: 
Kids With Guns Mug
What I Want: 
"Look at That Huge Fag"
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Ceramic Necklace
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Sunset Window
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Transvestite Robot
What I Want: 
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer


     Do you guys get it?  It's a play- on- words....  like “tarter suace,” the seafood sauce !!!  ☺

     Anyhoo, here's what I can offer up at the moment-  I've got three (3) 16 oz size glass coke bottles and two (2) pint size beer glasses from the Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia, PA-  This is not really a piece of artwork at all, these are materials which hopefully someone will be able to find a way to repurpose or upcycle by incorporating into one of your upcoming art projects-  Figured that I'd offer these up here, Rosalie's site seems infinitely creativer than Craig Newmark's online lists....

     And here's the story, and I promise you that all of this is true:

     re- the three coke bottles-  Back in March of 2012, I was invited to participate in a mixed media exhibit at The Schoolhouse Theater in Croton Falls, N.Y.-  The Schoolhouse Theater was putting on an amateur production of J. P. Miller's play from 1958, The Days Of Wine And Roses, and they wanted to display an art exhibit in their gallery rooms  which would co-incide with the play-     The administrators at The Schoolhouse Theater decided that if they were displaying a themed exhibit about the depressing and dangerous effects of alcoholism, they'd end up with an exhibit which notably few people would actually want to see (photos of people passed out in puddles of their own puke, a picture of somebody who drove into a telephone pole, a photo of a child starving because his parents spent all of their money on liquor, etc.)-  So, they invited various local artists and area art groups to submit our works into an exhibit entitled "Bottles And Blossoms"- the theme of the exhibit was really only related to the title of the play, and not in any way to the subject of the play....

    This was a mixed media exhibit, people submitted paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, etc.  I'm a member of a local amateur camera club here called The Westchester Photographic Society, and I submitted the second of these two pictures which I've uploaded here-  I titled this picture “Life Tastes Good,” which was an advertising motto for coke from 2001.

  The six smaller 8 oz sized coke bottles that you see in the front of this picture came from a 6 pack of cokes from 2012, I drank the sodas and then I redeemed the empty bottles for 5¢ each after I'd taken my photos with the floral arrangement (the new coke bottles are not worth anything beyond their redemption value.)  I'd purchased the three 16oz sized bottles that you see in the back part of this picture from Ebay, and I’d purchased the flowers from the A&P supermarket.  Now that this exhibit has been over for a while, I can’t find anything else to do with these three coke bottles-

     I have no idea when these coke bottles were manufactured, I know that Coke had been selling 16 ounce  sized sodas in bottles with this exact shape from the early 1900’s up through the 1980’s, so I can be pretty certain that these bottles were manufactured sometime within that time period, there’s no year printed on them-  I know that some old coke bottles can be potentially valuable, I have no idea if there’s any value to these-

     And potential value to artists?  I’ve seen some of my peeps in the camera club that I’m a member of spray paint empty coke bottles with day-glow florescent colors, and then photograph them under black light, creating an ultraviolet effect image-  There are also probably quite a few ways that you could choose to incorporate empty coke bottles into a sculpture or a mosaic, and alternatively, you could bust these up with a claw hammer into smaller pieces, and use the pieces in a mosaic….

     The classic vintage glass coke bottles are actually famous for the graceful shape and texture in their design, they’ve become one of the most famous and recognizable shapes throughout the entire world in the course of the past 120+ years in the history of brand logos, visual recognition of products and the entire history of brand advertising, since the late 19th century….

    For those of you who are curious to know this, oddly that shape was actually based on a mistake-  In the early 1900’s, Coca-cola actually contained extracts from the coca leaves as well as from cola nuts, and the administrators at Coca Cola’s world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia hired a graphic designer to design their bottles-  He was looking for inspirations for his designs in an illustrated plant biology textbook, he was trying to look for drawings of the coca plants as well as the cola plants, and he’d actually looked up the wrong plant-  but people liked the design, coke patented the design, and they still use that shape for the smaller sized glass bottles  into the present day.

     and as for these two (2) beer glasses-  The Dock Street Brewery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has what many people consider to be one of the most attractive, colorful and gracefully designed logos in all of the beers and ales that are brewed in the U.S., if you’ve never drank one of their beers, you can look up their website (their beers are pretty good too.)  And so I ordered two pint sized glasses from their website-  And they sent these two glasses to me-  These glasses do not have their logo, instead, they have the phrase “Dock Street Brewery, It’s All In Your Head!” printed on them-  This phrase could be referring to the foamy “head” upper portion of a recently poured glass of ale, it also could mean “be happy, it’s all within your own mindset,” or it could be referring to a sex act-  I wanted to buy these two glasses for our family dinners, where I eat dinner and a subsequent dessert with my parents and the rest of our family or our family friends, and the third interpretation of the phrase “it’s all in your head” is actually notably un-family friendly.  These two glasses are clean, they’re new, nobody’s ever drank from them….

     Fortunately, the marketers at the Dock Street Brewery forgot to charge me for these two glasses, so I’m offering these up for the exact same price ($0.00) that they charged me.  I’m now curious to see how some of you artistic types can find clever ways to repurpose or upcycle these two glasses into one of your upcoming art projects-  again, obviously you can use these in their whole forms, or you can fragment them with a rock, a weight or a claw hammer….



So sorry -- you have to take

So sorry -- you have to take something in return for the trade. That's just how bARTer Sauce works. I get something - and I trade it for something else. Then I trade that for something else. And on and on. Hope you find them a good home.

Many thanks,

no problem, I'm sure I'll be

no problem, I'm sure I'll be able to find a use for something somehow....

Scott Benowitz