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Captain Vampire Bobble-head for Dancing Fire People Canvas

What I Want: 
Dancing Figures Painting
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer

2 months ago my grandmother passed away. She was a hoarder of everything porceilain. For moths I've been moving little Hummel statues, charming figurines, foofy tea pots, victorian dishes from one side of the house to the other. There were millions of them. Night after night I felt like I walked 5 miles even though it was just back and forth between rooms. I couldn't do the waiter thing and move armfuls. They were all too fragile. It had to be one by one. As I looked at this sea of collectibles waiting for me - I was broken. I never want to collect anything ever again. I mean there was porcelain inside of porcilain. Every nook and cranny was filled with the horror of big-eyed little Dutch children, sad dogs, and cows. So many cows.
After 15 trips to thrift stores and a garage sale I want to say this house is clean... but I know there are more hiding in the shadows, waiting to be discovered.