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Etienne, the rebel sock creature

What I Want: 
Potato Bunnies
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer

Etienne is a bit of a rebel on the outside but inside, he is just as warm and fuzzy as the rest of us. Etienne has a reputation for being explosive but that is only when he doesn't get his own way. He is approximately 2 feet long from head to toe.

There are sparse hairs on the head and under the arms. This is an important detail. He is proud of his hair growth.

So, how he came to be...

I was laying in bed awake thinking that I needed to make a creature wearing to an explosive shirt with red faux fur exploding through it. I couldn't sleep until the dirty deed was done. And, now that I've done it, well, Etienne just needs to find a place where he can feel accepted, wardrobe and all.

My sister and I are doing a fundraiser for the local food bank this holiday season called "The Couch Potato" project. Her initial vision was to do a "Potato Pouch" project. I misinterpreted this and developed a logo that included a potato sitting on a couch. If I were to acquire the Potato Bunnies brochure, I could take the Couch Potato Project to a whole new level. Imagine my conservative sister's demise when she realized that Potato Bunnies exist and would now play a key role in the this fundraising project as our mascots.

 Hey Sokitume -  I'd love to

 Hey Sokitume - 
I'd love to trade you the Potato Bunnies - they are in California right now but they will be home soon. Do you have a deadline for the trade?