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I offer up to you...THE TOUCH OF DEATH!

What I Want: 
Cut Rubbah!
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer

Found within the ruins of some cave during the filming of a Brady Bunch episode, this zombie finger almost made Alice the maid crap her knickers!

Completely handmade through a vicious process whereabouts a barbed needle is repeatedly plunged into a harmless piece of wool roving, this zombie finger contains many a drop of blood (and probably a bit of sweat too - those zombies are really smelly!).

Its many uses include storing your own needles with which to stab things, a place for dust to gather instead of on your shelf, and, of course, making Alice the maid crap her knickers (ok, it won't really do that last thing, I just like to type that).

Oh yeah, it also carries a bit of a curse that makes the owner constantly crave brains...who woulda thunk it?

(barbed needles not included!)