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Lovers Series

What I Want: 
Bad Kid
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer

Stacy's Story about Lover's Series:

This is part of my Lovers Series. I was trying to branch out a little, do something a little less erotic for those who've found fault with my other paintings... I've been !@#ing around with this particular painting for several months, trying to get the hands and the angles just right, but hands just aren't my forte. gaahhhhhhhhhhhh... Please take this yellow and green piece of frustration off my *cough* hands.


If you choose me, I promise I'll show up to do the trade dressed VERY SIMILARLY to the little girl in the painting. Spot on chin and all. The spot is already there. please please please!!!! *bats eyes*

 Stacy should get bad kid.

roxxxadelic's picture

 Stacy should get bad kid.

 Of course I'm going to vote

 Of course I'm going to vote for myself :)


Stacy should get bad kid!

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Stacy should get bad kid!