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The Possibly Unwearable Necklace For The Last Supper Statue

What I Want: 
Last Supper Statue
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer
bARTer Sauce Trade Offer

This is the Possibly Unwearable necklace.  It was created from a tin can lid I found on Glass Beach, in Fort Bragg, Ca.  The color of the background is natural (from saltwater, sand, and whatever other funkiness is floating around out there).  All I did was soldered around the edges (for safety) and stamp the brown bird on it.  The focal is large (think soup can) on an 18" suede cord.  I'm still not sure why I actually made it, but I liked the lid.


Let's do it. Are you in Seattle -- or will we be shipping stuffs?

I'm in Nor-Cal (Sacramento

I'm in Nor-Cal (Sacramento Area) so we will have to ship.