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Severed Legs Chewed Off Arms Anatomically Incorrect Polly Pocket Collection

bARTer Sauce Trade Offer

Yes, I said collection. Did I spell knaw I didn't ...well chewed up arms and severed legs. Only people with children no of the horrific attacks that happen to polly dolls. It's like the lost neck monster. Like no one knows if it's real, but the evidence is every where. Here, the evidence is polly pocket dolls in a heap that look like they've been chain sawed. It's ugly. But, funny too. For someone without kids, it would be great home decor. There are many uses for this collection. But, if you believe in stuff like the lost neck monster...this will probably be too freaky for you. I don't have a picture. But, I will get one up ASAP.


i'm confused...

Joan's picture

I made an offer. I get an email from Rosalie? saying she may be interested in the collection. Does she have the rabbit? Or is somethin goin wrong on the barter? Could she want my collection to use in the fabulous uglybaby designs? I'm flattered...if that's the case. Or am I confusing the owner of the bunny? I confuse easily. I live in Texas. Not in the country, but in the city. I don't know what that has to do with my offer. Anyway, the collection is 5 or 6 polly's and actually a barbie missing arms...maybe snow white? My heart's about to break. Snow White? Can you believe it? Okay, I need a moment to collect my thoughts. Polly pockets are annoying. But, I have a soft spot for Snow White. No I don't. I'm full of it. I heard about this barter sauce by being a big fan of ugly baby shower art!!!!!! I blogged about their art on my blog. I work for the dept. of redundancy dept. of redundancy. And, I looked over the story of the bunny/the story was so long/I have a short attention span. i'm not sure I want the rabbit. I hope I don't get kicked out. I just like to type or write. i have little patience for long stories from others. What can I say? I can be a bitch, self centered...who knows I'm 44. Hormones are all messed up. Mood swings. So, now I've totally confused myself. I don't know what to do? Is there like a dear abby lady who can give me advice? Maybe I'll go and look around and see what else is available. I sure can't afford that Xmas shower art uglybaby has for sale. That sucks. Do they have coupons? Discounts? Bye...please don't kick me out. Confused people need acceptance too. Joan

Who runs bARTer Town?

Rosalie runs bARTer Town. That's why she (I) emailed you -- bARTer Sauce and Rosalie are the same thing. We're all one big happy collection of weird stuff and Shower Art and bARTer Sauce and everything.