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Ariane Trades me BlueRay Gun for Gumball Machine Shaped Kitty Cat Feeder

Traded With: 
Ariane rocking out to the music on her blog

Every once in awhile I get so busy (read "lazy) that I make my trading victims not only ANSWER some interview questions, but they also have to WRITE the actual questions.

Now that's delegating my little potatoes. That's delegating.

Here's Ariane's questions to herself and her answers:

QUESTION: Isn't it hard to be super-cool and live in Wyoming at the same time?

ANSWER: YES! Because in Wyoming everyone has music players on their blogs, and if you don't have one, you are nothing, so I have to have one.

(Note from The Sauce: I believe this answer is a passive aggressive attempt to let me know that she reads my newsletter where I mocked her blog and shamed her in front of at least 20-25 people (my dedicated readership) because she has music that plays automatically when you visit it. I don't care what you say Ariane. You should be ashamed. Take it off of there.)

QUESTION: Why haven't you gotten more of your friends, students, or other people you have power over to trade stuff on The Sauce?

ANSWER: My friends are all crafty critters, and I have assigned my students to trade stuff for extra credit, however, they are apparently all paralyzed by my coolness, and feel intimidated to trade their strange creations on the internet. They are a bunch of bARTsauce chickens, which sounds a little like a tasty casserole, but it's left a bad taste in my mouth. Come on bitches! DO SOME TRADES!!! What do I have to do? Make weird shit for you? Hold you at raygun-point???

QUESTION: Don't you find self-promotion a little shameless and humiliating?

ANSWER: Not at all. Go to right now.