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Ariane Trades Me "Look at that Huge Fag" for a Large Selection of Sauce Items

Traded With: 
Ariane with Paint by Number Ship Painting - a bARTer Sauce trade

It was a lovely holiday season for me. Miss Ariane contacted me with a trade offer for a painting that she created using some cigarette coupons I traded her a few years ago as the background. She has traded with me a few other time in the history of bARTer Sauce.

Q: How long did it take you to figure out what to do with those cigarette coupons after I traded them to you?
A: As soon as I saw them on BARTersauce!

Q: Where did you store the cigarette coupons while you decided what to do with them?
A: In the carton you sent them in, on a bookshelf in my studio. I still have gobs left, and I plan to wallpaper a public bathroom stall in them sometime soon.

Q: What was the name of the art show that this painting was shown in?
A: Art & Comedy Show, then the 2nd Annual AVA Community Art Center Recycled Art Show, then the AVA Community Exhibition.

Q: What was the majority of people's reactions to this painting?

A: Well, in one show the title was, "Look at That Huge Fag". Most folks were very uncomfortable, because being gay is still taboo in good ol' Wyoming, and I am a very well known lesbian activist in our community, and they didn't know whether or not to laugh. I thought THAT was HILARIOUS and telling.

Q: Do you think I should only trade this painting to a smoker or a non-smoker? 
A: Irrelevant, because after anyone looks at this for long enough, it's very likely they will quit smoking anyway.

Q: If you could choose any color of tube socks in the world - what color would you choose?

A: TUBE SOCKS! I would rock pink or red or pink and red or gray.