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Ariane Trades me My Own Private Rosalie for some Vintage Cigarette Coupons

Traded With: 
A Cardboard Woman Out "Trick Or Treating"

Okay, so I haven't exactly GOTTEN my own private Rosalie yet

(eh.hem.Ariane -- just kidding!) but I did finally manage to muster up the gumption (did I just say gumption? I'm not feeling well) to mail off her vintage cigarette coupons. There's not much I can say about these trades that happen through the mail. I feel somewhat....oh, I don't know...let down?

Here's what I propose.

Ariane: when/if you read this, post a comment that is a piece of information we wouldn't know about you. Something interesting.

And then we'll all feel better about visiting this page.

Note from The Sauce: I've received my Own Private Rosalie. All is well.

The Picture

You're right, I'm cheating. I don't even have a good picture of this trade. Sigh. I normally take a picture of the package, but this time I was in a hurry. Plus, let's face it. How interesting is a picture of a package I'm going to mail anyway? Yeah, that's what I thought.