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Barbara Trades me a Felted Peep and Evil Ladybird for Cut Rubbah

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Nothing says "true, genuine nerd" like a home made magic card.
Babs didn't want to send me a picture of herself to post on the internet. But sh
Babs sent the cutest package with the felted toys -- little plastic pieces that

I mailed off "Cut Rubbah" to Barbara today in exchange for two hand-felted sculpure thingies.

One is a marshmallow peep and the other is an evil ladybird. Now, Barbara lives overseas. In fact, she is the very first bARTer Sauce trade to be sent outside of the US. Canada didn't even get in on it first. Lazy bastards.

So, because Barbara lives far away, and because I normally write about the experience of trading with someone, I now either have to come up with a non-boring story about my two block trip to the post office or I have to subject Barbara to additional ridiculous questions from myself as punishment for living far away.

Q) What was the first thing you felted?

A) A tiny cyclops head, of course! He still lives on my shelf gathering dust...he's looking at me RIGHT NOW!

Q) Do you think it is possible to felt a tater tot?

A) Why does that sound dirty to me?? lol! I don't know if you'd be able to capture that oh so crispy and wonderful taste, but sure, why not. would it be possible to trade a felted tater tot for some Shower Art? (Note from The Sauce: yes, yes it would)

Q) Can you tell that I'm obsessed with potatoes?

A) Are you a spudman? (see devo - 'I'm a potato' for more info) (Note from The Sauce: No, I will not. If you want me to understand the reference you'll need to explain it to me, not send me off to do "research." Research = work.)

Q) When was the last time you fell down and what happened?

A) I fall down quite a bit actually. Last time was on my way to work walking down Oxford Street (a really crowded shopping kinda street), and I fell flat on my ass! A woman asked if i was okay and then I limped away feeling totally lame. (haha, limped, lame, get it?) (Note from The Sauce: that was a terrible joke.)

Q) How did you start felting?

A) I got into it a few years ago through after seeing a lot of felted food like banana spits and fried chicken. Why would people felt these? Why would this inspire me to make my own felted cuisine? More in next week's installment... (Note from The Sauce: how come you answer so many questions with questions?)

Q. Do you own your own business?

No. I tried/am trying to make it on etsy but making one of a kind pieces is rough work, especially with only a few dull barbed needles!

Q) How cool do you think bARTer Sauce is?

A) It's like a felted ice cream cone on a winter's day.

Q) How easy was it to post an offer (just kidding, don't answer that one).

A) Ha! damn bacteria is the reason!

Q) How come you make cute things into evil things (I LOVE IT!)

A) Cute things ARE evil. I just bring it out of them.