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Blaine gave me a copy of his movie, "Whatever Idiot" for Meghan's Punk Rock Baby Farm diorama

Traded With: 
Full Contact Speller
Blaine Reeder Wearing A Russian Shirt Holding Punk Rock Baby Farm Diorama

Okay, now the new trade. Blaine got the Punk Rock Baby farm that Meghan made.

Blaine and his lovely wife, Rhiannon (did I spell that right? I hope so because I'm too lazy to look it up) host the Settlers of Catan festivities most Sundays. I love everything about it except that they make really, really, realy weak coffee. There, I said it.

We've all been dancing around the issue for weeks, but now I've said it. I know, I'm a chicken, I couldn't even say it to your face. I had to write it in my blog. You guys both make weak coffee. Sometimes Meghan or I will offer to make the coffee just so that we can put in about double what you guys do. It's nothing personal, we just like strong coffee and you do not. I hope we can get past it. I feel better now.

Anyway, Blaine made a movie called "Whatever Idiot" and it's hilarious. It's all about him. That's what I got for the Punk Rock Baby Farm Diorama. That, and I got to block Blaine's road. If you Catan, you know what I mean.