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Ariane trades me Barbie Monster Fish for Cat Painting

Traded With: 
Woman With Her Arm Around Carboard Cutout of a Woman Holding Barbie Fish Monster

Ariane is a facilities and program manager at a small (very small) visual art center in Gillette Wyoming.

She mainly works with clay, but as the art center programs gal, she can't stand the embarrasment artists have to go through when thier classes don't fill-up, so she takes a lot of random classes. Like the Taxidermy Fish Form Alteration Workshop. She knows, She scheduled it. It sounded good at the time?

She's into bad art and collects a lot of it, much of it is abandoned art from the AVA Community Art Center. She also loves photocopies of peoples faces. Especially her own. She is a member of several covert art organizations, but because of their nature, she cannot talk about them. Much can be found on her Myspace page, She actually just became my friend the very day I sent out the post about not being on Myspace anymore. How's that for timing?

This was my response to her trade offer:

"You can bet your pants that I would love nothing more than your Barbie Fish Monster. Oh yes! I'm sorry to hear about your grandma's cat though....poor kitty.

I have a cat named Karma who is kind of a pain in the ass, but I love her just the same and would be sad if something happened to her. What's good for you in terms of trading days? We could grab a cup of coffee or something...I have Fridays off from work so that's always a good one for me. Just lemme know and we'll work it out.

OH - and we just re-did our website to include online trade offers - you're the first one. But getting this made me realize - maybe we should add a field for people's names! Ha! Since we didn't - I'll just have to ask - what's yer name?

Many thanks,


I happen to have Friday off work, however, I live in Wyoming and unfortunately I haven't sold enough work to save up for that leer jet I've been meaning to get. SO. Can I mail it to you? Is this possible? If not, I have a friend who is actually moving to the Seattle area, TODAY! And she might be willing to drop-off and pick-up for me. I would be glad to pay the shipping for both items if need be. Please let me know!
Thanks! I'm so excited, I'm ready to call grandma to tell her all about it!"

"Hey Ariane! HA!
How did you hear about bARTer Sauce? I just had a story come out in the Seattle Times about it so I assumed you were coming in from that! ha!

And yes, have your friend bring it and I'll give her the cat painting! You have to send me pictures though!

And tell me a little about yourself so I have something to write about on my website -- what kinds of stuff are you into? Is there anything you'd like me to link to on the site?
many thanks!"


"Actually heard about you through the Museum of Bad Art. I am a huge fan.

New problem. My friend is leaving for college, (she's a retired art center volunteer heading off to art school) and she doesn't have room for the piece in her luggage. (didn't have room, she left just 45 minutes ago and seemed annoyed that I would request something like that. Hmph. After all I have done for her!)

NOW WHAT?! I could make a cardboard cut-out of you accepting the sculpture, take pictures, then mail the sculpture to you and the pictures to you, but I'm afraid I would want to keep the cardboard cut-out. What to do? Am I being a pain in the ass? Do people you trade with usually live in Seattle? Must be. SON OF A GUN!"


"YES, do the cardboard cutout!!!!! YES! That's awesome! And no, I've traded with lots of folks outside of Seattle and you are in no way being a pain in the ass. We'll just ship them to each other - no worries!"

And she did.

Excitement abounds. I just ran around in a circle.

Update 9/28/07: When Ariane first asked me about this trade she was worried that I wouldn't get a picture of the trade because she lives out of state and was (for some reason) too cheap to fly out here and have coffee with me. She emailed me about .5 seconds after she sent the first email with this idea:

"I could make a cardboard cut-out of you accepting the sculpture, take pictures, then mail the sculpture to you and the pictures to you, but I'm afraid I would want to keep the cardboard cut-out."

To which I immediately replied, "Okay Crazy, let's go!"

And she did. Now, lots of people SAY they're going to do things and then never do them. I don't know how many times I've gotten excited about what people SAY they're going to offer me in trade and then never do. But Ariane is a woman of her word.

I took a lame picture of the cat painting all wrapped up and ready to be mailed, but I can't even bother to post it because this is so much better.

Ariane, my dear, you are, to date, my favorite trade. Perhaps I will find a way to recognize this achievement. he he he he he he