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Colin "trades" me a Hedgehog for Decapitated Moose Heads

Traded With: 
Moose Heads
Man and Woman Holding Small Stuffed Moose Heads

Colin was unfortunately the loser in the first ever, and possibly only, bARTer Sauce trade competition.

He was a little upset that he had to compete against a real museum with a mailing list. He really didn't do so badly considering. In fact, for quite awhile, he was completely kicking the museum's ass. But then they got around to sending some info out to their mailing list ....and well, Colin lost.

It's especially sad too, because he made me this great paper mache hedgehog wearing a mask. And when I say "great" I do mean in "concept" alone. Regardless of the actual results, I'm so impressed that he took the time to - through trial and error mind you -- make me a hedgehog.

Obviously, once he lost the contest, he had no idea what to do with the hedgehog so one day, when I arrived to work, I found a paper mache hedgehog sitting on my desk. Colin had been back from New York for a visit and dropped it off.

I broke the bad news to him by email that, this being an experiment in trading and all, he would be receiving something in the mail from me in the near future. Something of my choosing. Perhaps something in The Sauce's inventory that I've been trying to get rid of for quite some time. Something that I've made promises about (decapitating it and mounting it on a board) -- yes, it's the Moose Heads.

Also, I somehow retained a mumu from a trade that happened and then un-happpened. Kristine traded me a painting and then had to trade back when a friend found out about it. In any case, she gave me a mumu for some reason as well. can be the proud owner. Congratulations!

In a short time, Colin will receive a package containing three severed Moose Heads and a mumu in the mail. Enjoy Colin!

Update 10/7/2007: Colin sent me this email which I am posting on the Internet for all to see (it included the worst picture ever, which I have also added):

"Hi Rosalie,

I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I am shocked, simply shocked
that there have been no trades for poor Shamus. I guess it is just a
bit ahead of its Andy Kaufman. I just hope Shamus doesn't
start to rot before people start to understand its brilliance.

At any rate, I convinced Jesica to wear the mumu while I feebly
attempted to balance 3 moose heads. When I say balance, I mean
hold...the point is, I wasn't successful. We took a picture for you.
Enjoy it because I may or may not have thrown everything away after
the picture was taken. (Hint...I didn't, but it is all on my bedroom
floor which is pretty similar.)